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Facebook announce transparency behind who is showing you ads..

Good for the world, maybe bad for the advertiser? Mark Zuckerberg himself just released this huge announcement by his own Facebook account here: Zuck's facebook and further reading from the FB newsroom here: FB Newsroom   Quote:  When someone buys political ads on TV or other media, they're required by law...


How I built up 200,000+ Facebook fans

Insight from a Facebook ads consultant One of my biggest achievements in digital marketing (that I boast about all the time) and makes me stand out from any other Facebook ads consultant or marketer is the online community of Yorkshire folk I have built. I-Yorkshire. Carefully nurtured...

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What makes a great marketing consultant?

A great Marketing Consultant needs Dedication. Passion. Experience. Technical knowledge. A deep routed desire to understand what turns an idea to click/call, to a lead, to a sale. I believe to be the best, you should have your hands in the dirt and your head in...

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Social Media Marketing

How can social media marketing and being present on social networking websites benefit YOUR business? This is where your customers are.. Social networking has now become integrated into everyday life, especially in consumer culture. It's widely used by billions of people as a fast, free way to...

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Social Media Management

If you have arrived on this page, then we are going to assume that you have a little understanding about Social Media and how important it is in business today? For those who don't, have you been living in a cave? Social Media Management has...

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Our Story

An old friend of mine once told me. 'It's a long road,' when I was only 16 years old. Many years later, we're still friends and we've seen some real sights! We've come a very long way down the road, developed new skills, gained even more...