Our Story

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Our Story

An old friend of mine once told me. ‘It’s a long road,’ when I was only 16 years old. Many years later, we’re still friends and we’ve seen some real sights! We’ve come a very long way down the road, developed new skills, gained even more friends and learnt many lessons…. But that’s just the beginning, there’s still a long way yet!

I carved a name for myself as a young entrepreneur as soon as I left school, aged 17. Establishing an events management company, I hosted events in Leeds & surrounding areas for 7 years. This included weekly events in bars, all the way to festivals with six figure budgets.

Then came 2012, when I decided I wanted to offer my marketing and management skills as a service. I was curious to experience new industries. Make it Happen Agency LTD was unleashed! That’s right about the time I met my business partner & now best buddy, Edward. With our coding, marketing and management skills, the world was our oyster.Im-From-Yorkshire-Company-of-the-Year

We’ve build well over 100+ websites, covering everything from retail, e-commerce, charities, CRM projects, comparison sites, catalogs, bed shops, blogs, printing companies, email marketing platforms, social media websites, you name it, we’ve built it. In 2016 we won an award for our project ‘I’m From Yorkshire AKA i-Yorkshire‘ an online community of over 225,000 fans!

We’ve expanded, grown, then downsized again! We’ve have in house projects as well as long term clients and one off projects.

Now, after many years, we’re happy to say we are an experienced, professional, creative agency, team of freelance marketing consultants, practitioners, whatever you want to call us really! We have a welcoming, open approach to business.

That’s enough about us, we’d love to hear your story.

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Kristian, Edward and the team!