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Here's a list of useful tools we use in when implementing SEO techniques

SEO Leeds based marketing and web design team ready to help! SEO is a common and powerful online marketing channel. Google processes 3.5 billion searches a day and the idea with SEO is to tap in to that traffic. Here are some tools which we use in the quest for this valuable traffic.

SEO Site Checkup

Our first port of call for on site ranking factors

SEO Site Checkup ( is a handy free tool that scans your website for a range of different on site ranking factors. You are given a score out of 100 with results for each factor then compiled in to a report which you can work through until you reach the highest possible score.

GT Metrix

Is the performance of your website having a negative impact on your SEO?

GT Metrix ( is an essential tool in todays SEO arsenal.  GT Metrix is a tool to test the speed of your website as in how quickly it loads. Once you have run your test it then gives you data from both Google and Yahoo showing where you have done well and where you have not. There are many factors that go into speed optimisation and this is often a big step in the initial on-site SEO stage.

Google Webmaster Tools (WMT)

Google wants to help you!

Google Webmaster Tools ( is packed full of useful tools and diagnostic information about your website. Google is on your side in the SEO battle and you should not overlook this free tool. You can find out what pages are ranking for what keywords, find issues with your HTML, diagnose page titles and meta tags , plus a wbunch of other things.


If we could have only one off site SEO tool it would be this

Ahrefs ( is a premium tool for off site SEO. It’s primary function is to allow you to analyze your competition and see where they are getting backlinks from. Like Google, Ahrefs maintains it’s own index of the internet. This data along with other scoring factors is then used to give you an unparalleled insight in to your competition and ultimately form an off site linking strategy.

Structured Data Testing Tool

A must for local SEO campaigns

Schema data is used in local seo for telling google exactly who you are and what you do. This is a free tool from Google which we use to test and validate the data which is on your website. One for the more advanced users. (

Moz Local

Handy tool for checking local directories have accurate information

Moz Local ( is fantastic for checking multiple business listings and ensuring that they are all identical. Having a consistent online presence (Name, Address, Contact number, Social media links, Opening times) ensures people can find you online and shows search engines you are serious about your business presence.

moz local
answer the public

Answer the public

Find out what people are searching for...

Ever noticed how Google prefills out the search field when you begin to type what you are looking for? Imagine if there was a tool that could give you all the relevant searches to your keyword… Ala


Check to see if content is original or plagiarised

If you purchase content and want to check if it’s totally original, or if you suspect someone is stealing your copy, you can use this tool to compare your webpage or copy against the web.


Keyword Planner

Find out what people are searching for...

Find out search volumes for specific keywords and the estimated cost to compete with Adwords. This tool will help you plan your strategy based on volume & budgets

Yandex Metrica

Watch and see what actions and clicks your visitors take

Yandex has a whole load of tools, one of our favourites is the ability to see what your customers do whilst on your website. See if they encounter any technical issues, what they pay attention to and where they click


Google Trends

What's hot right now?

What’s current in the world of Google and social media? Global, national and local trends are neverending in today’s society. Find out what’s the current hot topic

Google Test My Site (Mobile)

Compare your mobile speed against industry standards

See how well your website performs on mobile/3G networks and compare the results to industry norms

google test my site
Way back machine

Way Back Machine

What did it look like years ago?

This is a fun and useful tool! You can search the entire history of a URL. See what it used to look like years ago! Cool feature if you’d like to see your own websites progress or what a URL/website looked like prior to buying it

Yext Directory Scanner

Like Moz local... Only more directories

Scan a large range of directories to ensure you appear on as many as possible. Be sure to check all your details are consistent.

yext directories


Submit your new blog directly to Google for indexing

Many SEO’s are skeptical if this actually works or not? However it’s free and takes a few seconds, check it out yourself 

Page Optimizer Pro

Like Yoast... But better

This is a great tool for optimizing your onsite SEO/pages. It allows you to input the url of the page you wish to optimize and the target keyword. Then it shows nicely where you are over or under optimized

What’s the point in having a great product or service if nobody can find you? It’s like winking at a girl in the dark!