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Social Media Marketing

How can social media marketing and being present on social networking websites benefit YOUR business?

This is where your customers are..

Social networking has now become integrated into everyday life, especially in consumer culture. It’s widely used by billions of people as a fast, free way to communicate, share ideas and consume knowledge on important topics, local news or just to find out what friends are doing. Social media can be used to locate your target market by location, keywords, trends and community groups, to mention just a few.


It doesn’t matter if it’s a small businesses or a large corporation, companies all over the globe are taking advantage of social media, especially your competitors. They are building up their own targeted fan base and followers, increasing engagement with your potential customers and may even be taking cash directly out of your pocket. If you turn up to a dogfight with a chicken, you are going to lose.

Word of mouth

If your customers are happy with the service they receive, they are likely to talk about their experience on social networks, thus enabling you to reach further than your own network. By doing so, your customers are then becoming brand ambassadors, promoting your business and in effect potentially turning their contacts into more customers.

It is statistically proven people are more likely to recommend you to someone, if they are following you on twitter. Raising and maintaining consistent brand awareness through a positive social media presence is a great asset to your business.

Customer Care

Your customers are talking about you online and sharing information and there is no way to stop it. These can be either good or bad, nevertheless everyone can see. Staying on top of your social media means that you can instantly spot a comment, review or respond to it immediately. So, if the time comes when somebody posts something negative online about your company, whether it be a member of staff or a product that you are selling, you can deal with it there and then, rather than letting it fester in the online world.

Showing you are willing and able to interact with customers, ensures people will see that you care. Thanking a person that writes a good review will go a long way, as will acknowledging somebody who isn’t very happy, so you can get to the bottom of it. You can turn critics into number 1 fans all by showing a little compassion and care.

Consumer Research

Social media gives you a fantastic opportunity to find out what your customers want, what can be improved and where to direct your company. You have to be able to understand your customers and cater for them. They are the ones that will be buying your product or using your services, so really listening to them and taking in all your findings is a huge bonus. Gather as much data and information as possible and use it to benefit you. Keep track of tweeters and bloggers – then use the information to find your strengths.

Brand Identity

Building up the personality of your brand is a major part of finding and maintaining good relationships with your clients and customers. Social media lets you interact with your customers, share tweets and pictures with them and have fun on different social media platforms. They also want to see something other than just what you sell, so finding the relevant content in which people can comment and share on, will boost your brand to new heights.

Search Rankings

A huge concern for most businesses and a big question they ask is, ‘How do we get to no1 on Google?’ Using social media effectively will help you achieve just that. A regularly updated blog ensures that the online community can gain access to your knowledge. Blogs will be read by people all over the world and all leads point back to your site. Google also uses something called ‘social media signals’ when searching, consistent activity on all your social media platforms, IE sharing you blog articles will play a key part on getting to the spot you desire on Google.

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