How I built up 200,000+ Facebook fans


How I built up 200,000+ Facebook fans

Insight from a Facebook ads consultant

One of my biggest achievements in digital marketing (that I boast about all the time) and makes me stand out from any other Facebook ads consultant or marketer is the online community of Yorkshire folk I have built. I-Yorkshire. Carefully nurtured from 1 like to now over 225,000! Often what people want to know is how? The first thing people ask me is ‘How did you get so many people to like your page?’ And the answer is simple, kind of.

First of all, there’s a lot of people from Yorkshire. And, a lot of those people are proud of it! (And rightly so 🙂 You could say, I had a large ‘target audience’ … So, Step one. Create a Facebook page. Step two, in this case, invent a Yorkshire brand.

So, one way to put it is my brand was ‘Yorkshire stuff’ and my target audience was ‘Yorkshire lovers’ and hey presto, that’s step one and two complete.i-yorkshire

Next, I began to post things people from Yorkshire would enjoy. Photos of landscapes. Yorkshire humour memes, Yorkshire sayings, then began to write Yorkshire related articles & of course selling Yorkshire merchandise to make some cash.. It wasn’t long before people started to send in content. Pictures they’d taken, jokes and questions … I then archived & re-posted every single item/inbox. The power of the content attracted more and more viewers. I wish there was more too it. Of course I began to understand the best times of day to post & noticed which type of content performed Vs other types and got a great knowledge of Facebook’s algorithms, began to use sponsored ads as well, but essentially, it was and still is…. Post relevant, engaging content & your audience will grow. I have managed this page for several years now, and many others of similar size, so hope I can class myself as a successful Facebook ads consultant.

Furthermore, I’m currently developing something extra special for my huge audience/community. So go ahead and follow here to keep updated. (If you’re bonkers about Yorkshire that is)

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